Tour for Wellsite Supervisors is a web-based application of the theoretical material within the ENFORM "Guideline on Supervisor Competency" and the efforts of the Drilling Safety Focus Group to develop a practical tool to gauge a wellsite supervisor's competency.

Prior to the development of the there had been a number of attempts by companies and associations to build assessment tools, however these tools have all worked independently and have resulted in significant repetition of effort on the part of wellsite supervisors and companies. In 2011, CAPP had identified Wellsite Supervisor Competency and the need for a tool across the industry as a key initiative. ENFORM was able to bring together the efforts and wants of the industry, the Drilling Safety Focus Group and the CAODC under this single pilot project to provide a shared practical efficient means of gauging the competency of an individual performing this key role on a site.

The web site (officially known as the Wellsite Supervisor Competency Pilot Project), was built by ENFORM on behalf of the Project's stakeholder committee. It was designed to provide an interactive testing process to guide development of wellsite supervisors - especially to improve their leadership competency.

It is recognized by ENFORM, CAPP and the CAODC that the members of the Drilling Safety Focus Group task team that built the original questionnaire and then provided support to the pilot project were the key driver in garnering the support necessary to build this tool. Their commitment to building a workable tool for wellsite supervisor competency made this possible.

Below is a brief walkthrough of the site:

1) To begin, click the "I'm a Wellsite Supervisor" button the Home page.

1Home Button

2) Click the "Begin Your Profile" button at the bottom of the page (or use the login form on the left if you are a returning user).

2Begin Your Profile

3) Enter your email address and password (twice) and then click the "I Agree" button at the bottom.

3 Let's Get Started

4) Enter your Personal Details (including the mandatory First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Phone Number.)

4 Personal Details

Note that a PIN number has been assigned to your Profile. This can be changed at any time.


Enter your Time in Industry, Education, and at least one area of Interest

5) Create a work history in the MyTimeline area by clicking the "+" symbol to add entries.

6 MyTimeline

6) Upload an optional resume (MS Word or PDF).

7) Click "Save & Next"

7 Save and Next

8) Enter any relevant Discipline Specific Training and click "Save & Next"

8 Discipline Specific Training

9) Enter relevant Job Experience with the pulldown menus and click "Save & Next"

9 Job Experience

10) Note your Wellsite Number before you Submit your Profile. This number (along with you PIN) can be shared with Producers or Consulting Firms to allow them access to your profile.

10 Submit Profile

11) You may now being the optional Assessment (or return to complete it at any time in the future), which is comprised of 20 randomly chosen questions - based on the Areas of Interest that you identified earlier. Click "Next" to proceed to the next question.

11 Begin Assessment

12 Assessment

12) Finally, click the Submit button at the end of the Assessment to release your answers to the Producers and/or Consulting Firms you choose to share your profile with.

13 Submit

14 Congrats