Privacy is committed to protecting the information supplied by all users and ensuring that users understand how it is being used. The web site and tool was developed by ENFORM in conjunction with industry partners and is envisioned as a "home" for Canadian wellsite supervisors.

Our privacy features include:

• All profile information is password protected and accessible only to the Producers and/or Engineering Firms you elect to share it with.

• Wellsite Supervisors can, at any time, change their PIN code - which will prevent profiles from being shared with Producers and Engineering Firms.

• Producers and Engineering Firms require both a Wellsite Number and the corresponding PIN code to access a profile.

• Profile information and their related reviews and assessments remain the property of their wellsite supervisor owners.

• Like profile information, Assessments are only shared with Producers and/or Engineering Firms selected by the wellsite supervisor.

• We don't request or store Social Insurance Numbers, years of birth, or other unique identifiers (other than a user's name)

• We will immediately delete a profile if a wellsite supervisor requests it.


Furthermore, we commit to allow users to review and update their resume data at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email