The My Pipeline section allows you to build your profile, demonstrate your competency skills and receive objective feedback from industry reviewers.

This section of The Wellsite is designed to enhance competencies within the Industry and support continuous improvement among Wellsite Supervisors. You'll be guided through the five-stage process:

REGISTER allows you to create an account and start your profile.

RESUME contains basic information, an education summary, and a brief job experience history.

EXPERIENCE gathers information about the number of jobs you've completed with specific types of wells and Industry activities.

SUBMIT lets you select specific Producers to share your profile with (or you can share it with all Producers).

ASSESSMENT presents you with randomly generated questions (based on your areas of interest) that helps Producers confirm your experience and your suitability for a project. Throughout this section, you'll notice SAVE or NEXT buttons. Be sure to click them as you progress to store your information on each page.

You can update your RESUME and EXPERIENCE information at any time - so be sure to update the information when changes occur. You can also save your profile at any point and log back in later to complete it. To log back in, enter your username and password in the gold box to the left.

As stated in our Privacy Policy, the information you submit here is owned and controlled by you. Only Producers that you specify can see your Resume, Experience and Assessment information. You can delete your profile at any time you wish.

When you're ready to begin, click the button below.